Q105 – HTM0105 compliant

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HTM0105 compliant ultrasonic cleaner with a host of features including:

  • Stainless steel construction
  • no/low fluid sensing
  • adjustable maximum temperature setting to prevent coagulation of proteins
  • interlocking lid
  • validation of cycle with user, serial number, date, time, unique cycle number, fluid temperature and power consumption
  • Automatic degas cycle after cleaning fluid has been changed
  • PIC chip technology – can be reprogrammed if required
  • Waterproof USB socket for transfer of information to PC
  • RS232 port for printing of results on printer
  • Made in the UK
  • Complies with BSEN 61010-1
  • Save log to memory stick
  • Insert a bluetooth adaptor and send logs to your PC
  • Enhanced frequency control.  Controls the units power and frequency even better than before resulting in improved cleaning.
  • Easier to use menu functions for all features


When purchasing an ultrasonic cleaner for use in a Dental Surgery ALWAYS check the annual servicing costs. Some manufactures charges are VERY HIGH and some don’t offer this service which MUST be carried out each year to comply with HTM01-05 and CQC regulations.  Our charges can be found by clicking here.

Internal Tank Dimensions 240x130x100 mm
Overall Dimensions 265x220x200 mm
Weight 3.1 kg (Excluding Accessories)
Maximum Capacity 2.5 litres
Working Capacity 2.0 litres
Typical Generator Peak Output 375 watts
Typical Power Consumption 200 watts
Operating Frequency 50 kHz ± 2 kHz
Timer Range 0 – infinity (Digital)

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Cleaner Condition

Standard Quality, Cosmetically damaged unit