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Bu 2+ and get 10% discountWELzyme green is packaged in a polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) sachets, a synthetic polymer that dissolves in water, providing a convenient, safe and economical method of delivery.  They first break down into an aqueous solution of PVA.  Then when the right microbes are introduced in a water treatment plant, they are converted into carbon dioxide and water. This film is considered nontoxic, in fact it is used some in dietary supplements and poses no issues to the environment, oceans, fish or wildlife.

WELzyme green contains a biodegradable powder with proteolytic enzymes which quickly break down organic matter and protein residues from instruments, glassware and endoscopes.

The box is manufactured with fully recycled cardboard and printed with water based inks.  It can be placed in a recycling bin for reprocessing.

This means WELzyme green is kind to the environment and contains NO PLASTICS.

WELzyme green helps dental surgeries with the HTM0105 which states that when using an ultrasonic cleaner there must be “a means to control the detergent’s concentration” as each sachet contains a measured dose.

Economical – supplied in a box containing 50 sachets which dilutes to make up to 300 litres of solution (depending on water hardness), enough for 5 weeks use in the average dental surgery when the solution is changed twice daily as advised by HTM0105 and the BDA.

Supplied in 50 sachets
Dilutes Yes
Makes a total of up to 300 litres
Dosage instructions
Model Soft Water Medium Water Hard Water
QC 1 sachet 1 sachet 1 sachet
Q105 1 sachet 1 sachet 1 sachet
80T 1 sachet 1 sachet 1 sachet
T105 1 sachet 1 sachet 1 sachet
80H 1 sachet 1 sachet 2 sachet
H105 1 sachet 1 sachet 2 sachet

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