Walker Electronics Ltd

Ultrasonic Equipment
Service, Repair and HTM-0105 validation

Keeping your Walker Electronics Ltd ultrasonic cleaner in perfect order.

Servicing, Validation & Repair

We offer HTM0105 yearly services on all of our ultrasonic cleaning baths.

Our HTM01-05 validations offer many benefits including:

  • Full revalidation to HTM0105
  • Functionality test on ALL of the units features and functions
  • Power consumption and frequency validation
  • PAT test
  • General electrical safety inspection
  • PIC chip firmware update
  • Certificate of Validation valid for one year

A complete list of our HTM01-05 services can be found in the Product Information section of the Downloads page.


We also offer a complete repair service for all of our ultrasonic cleaners.

Guidelines for packing your unit

Ideally use our Box and Collect service.
If you do send the unit to us please ensure that you use a Strong double walled box which is much larger than the unit you are returning.  Pack with plenty of paper or bubble wrap.  Seal the box with heavy duty tape and remove all previous carrier labels from the outside of the box.  We cannot be held responsible for loss or damage if you do not use our Box and Collect service.


To protect our repair team, the unit MUST be decontaminated and returned with a decontamination certificate if it has been used in a dental surgery / medical environment.  We retain the right to return any unit not complying with this.