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Product Information

  H105 Specifications

Complete specification for the H105 Ultrasonic cleaning bath

  Q105 leaflet - HTM 01-05 and HTM 2030 compliant ultrasonic cleaner

The latest edition to our range of ultrasonic cleaners. The Q105 is manufactured to comply with HTM 01-05 and BSEN61010-1. The cycle information is stored on an integrated data logger which is capable of holding information regarding the last 100 cycles. The data can be downloaded via the waterproof USB to a laptop/PC. The stored cycle log contains ALL of the information suggested by HTM0105.

  Q105 printer

A dot matrix printer for the Q105. This printer uses a traditional method of printing! At Walker Electronics Ltd we of the importance of printouts to verify and validate completed cycles. Whilst there has been a move towards Thermal printers, the fact is that these printouts degrade, even if kept in a dark environment, therefore we have stuck with traditional ink and paper to bring you a printout that lasts!

  Q105 Technical Specifications - HTM0105 compliant ultrasonic cleaner

The latest edition to our range of ultrasonic cleaners...The Q105 is manufactured to comply with HTM 01-05. Dimensions, power, weigh - its all in here.

  WELzyme FAQ's

Downloadable and printable FAQ's for WELzyme. Print as a double sided sheet, fold and store for future reference.

  WELzyme sales literature

Information about our amazing new enymatic cleaner , WELzyme. HTM0105 states that when using an ultrasonic cleaner you should have 'a means to control the detergents concentration'. WELzyme is supplied in individual sachets so each dose is GUARANTEED to be the correct amount of solution for the perfect clean and also ensures you comply with this HTM0105 regulation.

Driver Downloads

  Driver program for Q105 and H105

Download and install this program on a PC to access the Q105 and H105 data log, set the time and perform other actions. Download and the open/run the program. If it doesn't open you may need to click “More info” and then “Run anyway"

User Manuals

  H105 Operators Handbook version 1.0

Complete operators handbook for the HTM0105 compliant H105 ultrasonic cleaning bath

  Q105 Operators Handbook

Download this if your machine has been re-flashed to the latest firmware by Walker Electronics. Older versions are available on request.

  QC Operators Handbook version 9.0

The latest version of the operators handbook for the model QC ultrasonic cleaning bath

Advice Sheets

  Daily and Weekly Test Record Sheet

Use this sheet to record all of the HTM0105 tests required for your Ultrasonic Cleaner. Updated 14/04/2018

  Ultrasonic cleaner periodic testing advice

A schedule in line with HTM 01-05 and Walker Electronics Ltd of periodic tests for ultrasonic cleaners and how to perform them including the protein residue test (the dentacheck), the Load Check Strips and foil ablation (ultrasonic acitvity test). Detailed and precise instruction with clear pictures to help you comply with HTM01-05.

  WELzyme Water hardness areas

It is essential that the correct amount of WELzyme is used when cleaning instruments. The dilution depends greatly on the hardness of the water used. This document lists the Towns and Counties in the UK with the hardest water areas. If your town or county is listed you should use WELzyme Plus+ in the QC or Q105 ultrasonic cleaner. If you use WELzyme in 1 or 5 litre containers you should increase the dilution to 20ml per litre of water

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