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Bu 2+ and get 10% discountLoad check strips, also called ‘Brownes soil test strips’, are a consistent, reproducible and reliable way of keeping check on the efficiency of your ultrasonic bath and washer-disinfector.

They can be used with no risk of adding blood borne contaminants as they contain two sources of protein derived from eggs and porcine.  Specially formulated to mimic the cleaning efficacy soil tests for surgical instruments as described in HTM 01-05.

Use the strips in conjunction with the load check test strip holder.

download the instructions for use here

Box of 25 load check strips which is enough to test the QC and Q105 for 6 months.  The 80T, T105, 80H and H105 require 2 strips to be used each week therefore a box of 25 will last 3 months.


The residual protein test MUST also be performed weekly in order to comply with guidelines in HTM 01-05.  Our periodic testing advice can be found here.

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