Browne Test Soil (Single Pot)


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Bu 2+ and get 10% discountThe Browne Test Soil is designed to simulate the soiling that occurs to instruments during surgery.  It performs in an equivalent manner to the Edinburgh soil.

The Browne Soil test presents the ultrasonic cleaning tank with a physical challenge such as the cleaning efficacy tests described in HTM01-05 and ISO/TS 15883-5.

1 single pot supplied in powder form. Add water to use.

This product is recommended for use when commissioning Walker Electronics Limited Ultrasonic Cleaners.

Used to verify the cleaning efficacy of a surgical instrument ultrasonic cleaner or washer disinfector.  Browne Dehydrated Test Soil is:

  • Easy to use – Can be performed with minimal training.
  • Simple – Add water, apply and dry. Visual reading of soil removal and interpretation of results.


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