Gold HTM0105 Validation Service

From £159.95

Please select loan unit deposit, if required. This is FULLY refundable on return

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We will send you a Q105 loan unit. It will be delivered in specially designed packing. A deposit of £512.95 + VAT will be charged for the loan unit.  YOU WILL HAVE TO PAY THIS AT CHECKOUT, however the amount will be credited to your payment method on return of the loan unit.

On receipt, check the loan unit operated correctly before packing your unit into the box.  Seal the box with tape and attach the courier label. Call us on 01636 892410 to arrange collection. Your unit will then be returned to us for inspection.

You unit will be inspected on arrival. Should your unit require repair an estimate will be send before we carry out any work. Small items (less than £5 in total) such as basket rubber feet, lid pads, small labels etc. will be replaced free of charge.

Your unit we be validated and returned to you within 10 working days (providing your unit does not need repairing). We will issue a certificate which is valid for 1 year. This will be included when your unit when it is returned.

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QC and Q105, 80T, T105 and 80H, H105