How often should I change the cleaning solution in my ultrasonic bath?


When cleaning medical and dental instruments it is good practice to change the fluid twice a day – 1st thing in the morning and then at lunchtime. The NDAC (National Dental Advisory Committee) and HTM0105  recommends changing the fluid every “4 hours or earlier if visibly soiled”.

With industrial applications there is no direct answer. It depends on so many factors: the level of contamination on the components being cleaned, how many times the fluid has been used etc. Suffice to say, change the fluid when there is a noticeable decrease in ultrasonic cleaning action or when the fluid is visibly dirty. For most application this will not be every time the machine is used.

The fluid level should be maintained at the tank ridge level, as the system is tuned to this. Failure to use the correct solutions or not maintain the correct fluid level could result in poor cleaning results and may even cause damage to the ultrasonic cleaner.