WELwash3 – PCB flux remover

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A specialist formulation which quickly and effectively removes contaminants, flux and water damage from PCB’s.

The solution will not damage, corrode or darken most metal components (test on a small part before use).

Safe on brass, gold, copper, aluminium and other sensitive metals

Best used in an ultrasonic cleaner.  Always test before use on new applications

The solution is diluted at a rate of 1 part concentrate to 10 parts of water.

Designed for industrial professional use and hobbyist use

Supplied in 1 litre,  5 litres and 25 litres. Dilute 1 part concentrate with 10 parts water.

Supplied in 1 Litres / 5 Litres / 25 Litres
Dilutes Yes
Makes a total of 11 Litres / 55 Litres /275 Litres

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1 litre, 5 litres, 25 litres